Routes & Schedules

FAQs and Rider Conduct


How do I find the bus stop to get on?

For the Antonito to Alamosa route, MVT bus stop signs are posted on a pole at each of our stops. The sign will look like one of these:

Bus stop sign with blue burst at top Antonito to Alamosa route name, and bus icon, MVT logo and phone number, website, qr code, and handicapped symbol in dark blue on whiteFor all other Arkansas River Valley and San Luis Valley routes, we are working on posting signs or updating The Chaffee Shuttle signage at those stops as well. If you have any concerns about a specific bus stop, please call the Mountain Valley Transit office at (719) 530-8980.

What do your vehicles look like?

MVT vehicles are covered in a bright blue burst pattern and sport the MVT logo. Your route name will be near the door in a bright colored circle.

Photo of the Antonito van, wrapped in blue burst

Can children under 18 ride alone?

While children under the age of 12 are not permitted to ride without a parent or guardian, those aged 12 to 18 may ride alone if they have a pass from Mountain Valley Transit.

Mountain Valley Transit requires children 12 to 18 years old riding the bus without a parent or guardian to have a permission form on file. The permission form must be filled out in its entirety, signed, and returned to Mountain Valley Transit office. The child will then be issued a pass to ride, which is good for three months and renewable at the date of expiration.

Click here to download the permission form.

Rider Conduct

  • Basic civility and respect are expected. Spitting, littering, indecent exposure, stealing, damaging property, and other disorderly conduct are not permitted.
  • Individuals are prohibited from impeding the safe boarding and exiting of other individuals.
  • The use of illegal drugs and consumption of alcohol are prohibited. Smoking tobacco, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is not allowed on MVT shuttles or facilities.
  • Selling goods and services is not allowed. This includes distributing handbills and flyers to riders.
  • Other than service animals, animals and pets are prohibited on vehicles and in facilities. However, small pets in carriers are permitted.
  • It is illegal to bring explosives, firearms or any potentially dangerous objects on vehicles or in facilities unless you have proper documentation.
  • Playing music is permitted only if you use earbuds or headphones that prevent your music from bothering other riders.
  • Food and drink need to be stored in sealed containers.