Routes & Schedules

Free Transit Service
Saguache to Alamosa

via Moffat & Crestone


Saguache to Alamosa



5:45 AM Saguache—Saguache Antiques/Hotel
6:05 AM Moffat—5th & Reynolds
6:20 AM Crestone—Kiosk
6:45 AM Moffat—5th & Reynolds
(Morning Bustang Connection)
7:00 AM Hooper—Old Sinclair Station
7:07 AM Mosca—Mosca Pit Stop
7:30 AM Alamosa

Alamosa to Saguache



12:30 PM Alamosa
12:45 PM Mosca—Mosca Pit Stop
12:55 PM Hooper—Old Sinclair Station
1:15 PM Moffat—5th & Reynolds
1:35 PM Crestone—Kiosk
1:50 PM Moffat—5th & Reynolds
2:10 PM Saguache—Saguache Antiques/Hotel

On-demand services are available in Alamosa from 7:30 AM to 12:15 PM.
Just tell the bus driver where you’d like to go!

Donations are welcomed.

Please be at bus stop 5 minutes prior to departure.